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Willard Rudd receiving the Purple Heart at                    the Korean War Memorial
            Bill Gerovasil (L) and John Jay (R)
surrounded by Korean girls at the Korean Memorial
Liz and Sam DeYoung at the 92nd                         reunion banquet
Marlin and Mrs. Wolf on the reunion tour at the Smithsonian
Joel and Pat Turner at the banquet
Jo and Price Eversole at the banquet
Annette and Jake Feaster at the banquet
Helena and O.K. Miller at the banquet
Ben and Dottie Chism, Jo and Price Eversole
                            at the banquet
         The 92nd AFA Bn Board of Directors
L to R: Miller Whetzel, Dick Lemmon, Pete Taormina,                    Guy McMenemy, and Ivan Smith
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