Photo Collection - Charles Woliver - HQ Btry 1952-53
Lt. Col. Elloit receiving the Battalion flag from Lt. Geary (Chorwon)
(Left to Right) Lt. Col. Geary and Lt. Col. Elliot
View of a 155 SP Howitzer in firing position
Rear view of a 155 SP Howitzer  (might be Baker Btry)
Air observation plane (L-19) used by 92nd Air Section
Hq. Btry FDC crew near persnel bunkers (Chorwon)
Front Row (L to R): Ralph Lembo, Calmont Hovis, Conway
Rear Row (L to R): Melford Hess, Edward Hovnanian (deceased),
William Guckert, Chuck Woliver.
Hq. Btry FDC  (L to R) Chuck Woliver and Capt. Paul Bigler