Seth Walker - SVC Btry 53-54 Photo Collection

Service Battery Tow Truck
                                   Service Battery Tow Truck
"Often the drivers of the guns would burn out the clutch lining, they would not let us replace the lining. It was about 30 miles to the ordinence shop. It couldn't be steered so we would climb in the gun, fire up those Cadilacs (engines) and away we would go."
                                Tank Retriever
(L to R): Bill Paskarbis - Long Island NY, Sgt. Randolf (aka Sgt. "Double Clutcher") - Lake Providence LA.
                          M-41 Attempted River Crossing
Pete Savago in foreground watching stalled M-41 in attempted river crossing
                                              M-41 Attempted River Crossing
Attaching a cable to M-41 to retrieve the vehicle from the swift and dangerous river current. After retrieval the two motors had to be partially disassembled and dried out
                                                M-41 Recovery Team
Front Row: (L to R) Jack W. Rife, (?), Zoober
Back Row: (L to R) Buff Moffet, Sam De Young (deceased), Seth Walker, (?), Sgt. Randolph

M-41 SP 155 Howitzer
"Sam's Baby" - Sam DeYoung (deceased) standing on his bulldozer
Service Btry Tank Retriever
Harold Moffet "coolin it"
SFC Bill Heinkle