Photo Collection: Joel L. Turner - C Btry 50-51
C Btry firing the 100,000 Round in Korea. (left to right) 2 C Btry Cannoneers, Lt Gen Hogue - Corps CG - pulling the lanyard, General's Aide, Lt Col Lavoie - 92d Bn CO and Lt Joel Turner - C Btry ExO

B Btry Cadre with the first SP Howitzer drawn in the 92d AFA which was named "Belcher"

Lt Col Lavoie talking to us after or just before pinning the bars on us. Receiving Battlefield Commissions at Hangwon, Korea, 20 Nov 1950:
(Center, front to rear) Thomas W. E. Smith,  Joel L. Turner, Phillip R. Hertz (hidden other side of Turner) ,  Lt Col Lavoie in center to the left with soft cap, facing the 3 receiving battlefield commissions.

Joel L Turner receiving Bronze Star from Lt Col. Lavoie,
                        1951, South Korea
1st place (Sgt Carl's section) and 2nd place howitzer sections, B Btry, 92d AFA, Direct Fire Shoot, Camp Hood, TX
Last night at Camp Hood, before Korea (Joel Turner, 4th from the left).
On the ship, Marine Wiggle, going to Korea:
(L to R) Emil W Schneider (deceased), Pete Butlin (deceased), Joel Turner