KOREA 1950-54
Photo Collection Of Jim Thorne - Battery A 1951-52
L to R - Lt. Col. Buchanan & Lt. Col. Cleveland
Lt. Col. Buchanan
L to R. Battery A Commander Capt. Jim Thorne
          1st Sgt. Ray Boucher
Battery A 92nd Red Devils rendering a salute to
Lt. Col. Dale E. Buchanan January 1952
Jan.1952 - Wounded by a land mine a ROK soldier is under the coat. He lost a leg but lived to tell about it. I saw him again in Munsan Ni in 1961 and he did a jig for me to show off his "peg leg"

L to R - Jack Flynn, Jim Thorne, Pee Wee Nixon
L to R - Lt. Feigum, Sgt. Wilson, Sgt. Perry, Lt. Fisk. Lt. Dickerson
May 1952 - "Art Photography"
Feb. 1952 - The "Big R" - Processing rotatees
Feb. 1952 - Jim Thorne and Mr. Brown (in shade) in                              entrance to Observation Post
March 1952 -A Battery "March Order"
Feb. 1952 - "Old Smokey" (Hill 1062) in the distance, "Chinks" on the near ridge. In fact we were getting small arms fire when I took this picture.
Feb. 1952 - There are about 30 men living on this ridge where our Observation Post is located. All underground.
March 1952 - Battery A  switchboard
Feb. 1952- Battery A - "# 5 On The Way"
Feb. 1952 - Battery A forward gun positions 200 yards behind                                        the front line
Feb. 1952 - White Phosphorus shell landing on base of " Old Smokey" hill 1062. Taken from 9th Infantry Reg. Observation Post.
Jan. 1952 - "Swabbin" the tube
Jan. 1952 - "Full recoil on Battery A # 6"
1952 - A Battery Chow Line
Feb. 1952 - BC Scope in one of Pennington's
                    Observation Posts
Jan. 1952 Kumhwa - A Battery, 5th Section with Lt. Colonels Buchanan and Cleveland.
Recognition of firing the 150,000 round ( recognition done in each of the firing Batterys)
Jan. 1952 - HQ Battery - "One of my masterpieces"
1952 - Replacing two Cadallac engines
ROK's Cleaning A New M-41 Tube
Jan. 1952 - A Battery - ROK's firing 90mm on practice range prior to                                       occupying front line position
1952 - M/Sgt. Perry and Jim at the 90mm gun. Perry (old Ft. Sill instructor), wrote up a cannoneer's HOP for the 90mm. He trained the crew and help fire the first round, a WP that was a direct hit on a "Chink" bunker.
1952 - 90mm - note how the muzzle blast melted the snow and made mud out of the frozen dirt. This was a practice position prior to placing the 90mm on the front line for direct fire missions.