KOREA 1950-54
Guy McMenemy C Btry 51-52 Photo Collection
(L-R) Drummond (deceased)(tank driver) Hancock (section Chief),
       McMenemy (gunner)
Row 1 (L-R) Messier, Cox (deceased),  ?  ,
Nettles (deceased)
Row 2 (L-R)     ?  ,  ?  , Frampton (deceased),
           Stokes, McMenemy
(L-R) Drummond (tank driver), Hancock (Section Chief), Bodiford (deceased) (powder man)
(L-R) McMenemy, Drummond, Stokes
                  Fall Of 1951
(L-R) McMenemy, Frampton (deceased), Messier
Captured 75 mm Chinese artillery
              Spring of 1951
Guy McMenemy sitting in front of shelter half condo Summer of 1951
(L-R) Kim Gun Young, McMenemy,
      Kim T El, Stokes, Bodiford (deceased)
     Digging ammo pit - Fall of 1951
Guy McMenemy (gunner) on 155 Howitzer - Summer of 1951
155 Howitzer in full recoil - Spring of 1951
Guy McMenemy by mess kits and powder pit - Winter of 1951
(L-R) McMenemy (gunner), Bodiford (powder man), Drummond (tank driver), Hancock (section chief), [ ? ],      Chow time - Summer 1951
Chinese P.O.W.'s - Summer 1951
C Btry 1951 - McMenemy at #1 lanyard position, Hancock Section Chief on the left
C Btry 1951 - McMenemy at #1 lanyard position, opening the breech while returning from recoil