KOREA 1950-54
Capt. Hines (deceased), taken in our position NE of Yoju about Feb. 15, when we were shooting for the 6th ROK Div.
Jan. 13, 1951 - A Battery - (L to R) Al Jones BC, Leroy Mattingly Exec.
Larry Stofflet (deceased) Asst. Exec., Jim Chatham RO

Jan. 31 1951 - near Song-chon, South Korea during our advance north with the 3rd Div. (L to R) Mattingly, Larry Stofflet (deceased), Leo Cawthron.(deceased)

Dec. 24 1950- The USNS Breckenridge as it is circled by LCVPs carrying the last troops off the beach at Hungnam. We came from Yokahama to Inchon on the Breckenridge in Sept. 1950
Enroute to Japan, Aug. 1950 aboard the USNS Marine Adder
(L to R) Leroy Mattingly, Al Jones at Ft. Hood with 92nd AFA Bn                                    about June 1950
Capt. Bessler (deceased) as road guide at Wonju Feb. 20 1951, the day we joined the Marines. Notice how the town has been flattened.

May 1951 - The tube of a 155mm Long Tom gun that blew apart and scattered debris over a large area                                                  near the 92nd AFA Bn

Lt. Col. Lavoie - Lunch with ROK Regimental Officers March 1951

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