KOREA 1950-54
Photo Collection of Col. Leroy B Mattingly (Ret) 1950-52
Jan 1951 -Col. LaVoie Standing by while Hq Btry kitchen unloads in position NE of Yoju
Aug. 1951 - Lt. Col. Leon F. LaVoie pins on Leroy Mattingly's Captain's Bars
August 1951 - Award ceremony - Col. LaVoie in charge (L)
March 1951  - Chinese artillery position destroyed by B Battery
1951 - Battlefield commission for NCO Sgt. Elder (deceased)
(L to R) Lorayne Griffin (deceased), Bob Coker, Dick Love, Jack Gerrity (deceased). All sticking their heads up out of the "Snake Pit", our home.
Hongchon, March 1951.
1951 -Fire Direction Center
My FDC operates in the open as we prepare to move out toward Hongchon March 1951. ( Mattingly on right)
Our Battalion position NE  Yoju in Feb. 1951 working with 6th ROK Div.
92nd AFA Bn early 1951