KOREA 1950-54
PHOTO COLLECTION OF  Clyde F Hancock C Btry 1950-51

PFC W. Luce (deceased) from Troy N.Y. - Late winter or early spring 1951
SFC Cowen Chief of Section # 3 How. Sec. C Btry May 1951
SFC Cowen and tank in firing position 1951
Two men from 3rd Howitzer Sec. C Btry doing wash in late winter or early spring 1951
PFC Carl Ransome 3rd Howitzer Sec. C Btry
2nd Howitzer Sec. C Btry August 1951. The man in the chair is the Chief of Section and I think his name was Mitchell. He was one of several that was given a battlefield commission. The man wearing the '"45" is believed to be the tank driver by the name of Lewis.
The 3rd Howitzer Sec. Btry C in fire mission. The man on the ground is the Section Chief and I think he is the one we called "Jug Head", I can't recall his name. Hancock is the #1 at the breech and Luce (deceased) is the gunner on this mission.
Another fire mission for # 3, Luce is at the sight, McMenemy is the # 1 at the breech, and Hancock is at the end of the ramming staff, "Jug Head" is the Section Chief.