KOREA 1950-54
Jake Feaster Collection
Working end of a C Battery Self Propelled155 Howitzer - 1953
Breech Close up
L to R: Capt. Richard Livermore A Btry CO (53), Capt. Robert Rader Bn S-3 (53), Maj. Paul Bigler Bn Exec. (53)
Lt. Col. Barnhart being welcomed as incoming Bn CO by Paul Madden, C Btry CO; and A Btry CO James Day (2nd from left)
Bn CO Lt. Col. Elliott saluting Bn  ExO Maj.Elcano, who is rotating to stateside. WO Schulltz standing to the right
Bn CO Lt. Col. Elliott giving awards at Battalion Ceremony.
Lt. Paul Madden, Bn Adjutant, to his right, thenLt. Al Lowenberg.
Lt. Col. Claire Towne, 92nd AFA Bn CO 1954-55
Lt. David Ortleib, Lt. Jake Feaster and Lt. Raul Garza
                (Hq. Btry) in front of their "BOQ"
Forward Observer Jake Feaster taking a break from                            "digging In" the OP.
Jake Feaster, Charles Schultz & David Ortleib filling sand bags with decomposed granite to protect the roof of the OP (outpost) bunker.