Photo Collection: Bob Dwyer : HQ Btry 1953-54
Bob Dwyer - FDC Korea 1953
(L to R) : Lee Yong Duk (ROK), Sgt. Don Edwards, Bob Dwyer
Side view of our bunker living quarters - May 1953
George Kapoun - Minneapolis MN - in front of bunker May 1953
HQ Battery Fire Direction Center - 1953
(L to R): Rich Obregon (Chicago), Sgt. John LaCourse (New England),
Sgt. Bill Guckert (Ohio), outside FDC bunker 1953
Road march to Kumsong Kumhwa June/July 1953
Pilot of L-19 who finds our targets
(L to R) ?, Calmont Hovis, Marv Dickel