KOREA 1950-54
Photo Collection
Ralph Crosby - B Battery - 1952-53 (Deceased DOD April 18, 2006)
[# 1] - Orphan North Korean Boy , Kim Buknam,
      found at the site of his destroyed home
[# 2] B" Battery Preparing For March Order
[# 3]  "B" Battery Preparing For March Order
[# 4] "B" Battery Preparing For March Order
[# 5] M-41 Tank # 3 At Position Of Rest, But Prepared The Next Call For Fire Mission
[# 6] Partial Picture Of "B" Battery In The Advance Position At The Front Lines In Kumwha Valley
[# 7] My Friend Bouch And Myself Ralph Crosby
[# 8] (L to R) Mst. Sgt. Page, "Skoshi Joe", And Sgt. Krupiewyeski
[# 9]                 Triangle Hill
Picture Taken Through The B.C. Scope In The
Forward Observation Bunker At The Front Line
[# 10] Battalion Forward Observation Bunker On The Front Line At Kumwha Valley. Hill 1062 Is In The Forefront
[# 11] Map Of Front Lines At Kumwha Valley. The Lines Drawn On The Map, Shaped Like A Piece Of Pie, Is "B" Battery's Artillery Section
[# 12] M-41 Tank # 3 In The "Mode" Of Fire Mission