Photo Collection - Ivan Smith B Battery 1953
Battery B #5 M-41 After Round Exploded In The Tube - February 8, 1953
"Info that I have on back of photo is #5 gun that blew up on the morning of 8 Feb. 1953. It killed 2 men, cut another man's leg off and knocked out 2 other guns with it. We had teams from Washington D.C. trying to find out what caused it to blow up. We were doing some H & D firing around 3 or 4 am. Temperature was about  20 degrees below --- not sure of the men's names."              Ivan Smith
"Our WIA rosters show the following casualties:

Killed In Action: Kenneth R. Basham Btry B KIA 8 Feb. 1953

Wounded In Action: Angelo Fanelli Btry B WIA  8 Feb. 1953"

                                         Jim Settlemire - webmaster
"I was the Chief of Section of Gun #5 Baker Btry. This was the gun that blew up killing my good friend "Kenny" Basham, Chonggo Chan, the R.O.K. #1 man and putting a 400 pound piece of gun over the mountain into the cooks tent, cutting off the leg of a cook"
                                                       Stanley S. Cox (6/2/03)
" I was Chief of Section for B battery gun #5 which was the gun destroyed
that day killing two of my men and injuring another.  Mr. Cox  replaced me as Chief of Section when I was transferrred out of Korea for home on March 24, 1953" .                                                                 Jerome T. Doyle (11/19, 2006)
                                          SFC, KOREA 1952-1953