Collection Of Carl Schleusing - HQ Btry & "C" Btry 1949-51
Picture of 92nd AFA patch on the side of the hill in the position in                                       the Kumhwa valley.
Carl Schleusing 1951
Carl Rotating Home 10 Dec. 1951
Lt. Col. Leon Lavoie On USN "Marine Adder"
                Aug. 1950 Enroute to Korea
Frank Newman, Carl Schleusing, Personnel Sgt. ?
Personnel Section: (L to R Back row) Mack D. Guthrie, Carl Schleusing, ?, Sampson
               "C" Btry Exec. Joel Turner (facing)
    Being Awarded Bronze Star Upon rotation 1951
(Backs to Camera: Left CWO Wagner, Right LTC Lavoie