(Important note: these are the awards that  we are aware of. If you have any additions to this list please send a copy of your award documentation papers to the current 92nd AFA BN - Korea President : see your roster for his address)
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Military Awards Roster

Korean War 1950-1954

Silver Star
Lt. Col. Leon F. Lavoie (Deceased DOD 07/29/1985)
Capt. Albert D. Bessler (Deceased DOD 10/26/1987)
Sgt. Theral J. Hatley (Deceased DOD 10/14/1984)
Pfc. Calvin C. Grant (KIA 04/24/1951)

Bronze Star Medal With V Device
Maj. Roy A. Tucker (Deceased DOD 01/2001)
Capt. Norman L. Arnett
Capt. Bernard G. Raftery (Deceased)
Capt. Lawrence M. Stofflet (Deceased DOD 08/1986)
Capt. John F. Gerrity (Deceased DOD 01/09/2004)
Capt. Samuel P. Starrett
1st Lt. Phillip R. Hertz (Deceased DOD 04/1980)
Mst. Sgt. Rowland E. Williams
Cpl. Robert L. Miller
Cpl. Jesse E. Garner (Deceased DOD 01/30/2001
Cpl. Sterling D. Stewart
Pfc. Anthony E. Diloreto (Deceased - reported 10/10/2000)

Soldiers Medal
Sgt. James C. Holtz (Deceased DOD 06/19/1997)

   Bronze Star Medal
Lt. Col. F. Lavoie (Deceased DOD 07/29/1985)
Maj. Leo Cawthrone Jr. (Deceased reported 12/1999)
Maj. Alan H. Johnson (Deceased DOD 06/10/1996)
Capt. Frederick M. Whipple (Deceased DOD 04/30/2002)
Capt. Bernard G. Raftery (Deceased)
Capt. Albert D. Bessler (Deceased DOD 10/26/1987)
Capt. Doyle Fullerton (Deceased DOD 11/1965)
Capt. Leroy B. Mattingly
Capt. Lawrence Stofflet (Deceased DOD 08/1986)
Lt. Phillip R. Hertz (Deceased DOD 04/1980)
2nd Lt. Frederick C. Schleusing
2nd Lt. Joel Turner (Deceased DOD 2/28/2008)
Mst. Sgt. John A. Marksteiner (Deceased)
Mst. Sgt. Jack T. Dryden (Deceased)
Mst. Sgt. Clarence J. Higgens (Deceased DOD 12/1996)
Mst. Sgt. Rofie Thorp (Deceased DOD 05/1979)
Mst. Sgt. Joseph D. Osborne (Deceased DOD 9/14/2002)
Mst. Sgt. Dominic T. Palubicki (Deceased DOD 04/1972)
Mst. Sgt. Mancil R. Prince
Mst. Sgt. John D. Elder (Deceased DOD 08/20/2000)
Mst. Sgt. Rowland Williams
SFC David J. Cowwan (Deceased DOD 1980)
Sgt. Hal F. Remspear (Deceased DOD 12/20/2000)
Sgt. Marion E. Sampson (Deceased DOD 09/28/1988)
Cpl. Edward L. Miller (Deceased DOD 5/5/2004)
Pfc. Vasilious Gerovasil (Deceased DOD 04/19/2008)

Commendation Ribbon With Medal Pendant

SFC Emil W. Schneider (Deceased)
SFC Nelson J. Gordius (Deceased DOD 04/22/1985)

  Air Medal
Capt. Ralph S. Paxman (Deceased DOD 04/25/1992)
Capt. James R. Coker (Deceased DOD 11/11/1992)
1st. Lt. Joel L. Turner With Oak Leaf Cluster (Deceased                                                           DOD 02/28/2008)
1st. Lt. Carl H. Loveland (Deceased DOD 12/08/1992)
1st. Lt. Thomas W.E. Smith
2nd Lt. James R. White (Deceased DOD 10/02/2002)

Bronze Star
Mst. Sgt Richard L. Lemmon
SFC Peter C. Beam (Deceased DOD 03/04/2004)
SFC Joseph M. Riddle (Deceased 05/1986)
Sgt. William H. Hall (Deceased 12/03/2004)

Commendation Ribbon With Medal Pendant
Mst. Sgt. Billy G. Sanders (Deceased DOD 01/30/2002)
SFC Jerome W. Ustruck (Deceased DOD 12/06/2004)
Sgt. Gibbs B. Moore (Deceased DOD 05/2001)
Sgt. Osborne C. Gordon (Deceased 01/03/2000)
Sgt. Frank A. Potochnik Jr.
Sgt. John Prunest
Sgt. Carl J. Thornton (Deceased DOD 05/17/2005)
Cpl. Charles E. Frank (Deceased DOD 01/02/2000)

                                                      Air Medal
.Capt. Paul D. Dunaway - With 4 Oak Leaf Clusters (Deceased 05/1986)
1st. Lt. Donald C. Douglas - With Oak Leaf Cluster

Bronze Star With V Device
.Lt. Herman L. Baumann
Lt. James Duffy
Mst. Sgt. Daniel Morrison (Deceased DOD 12/3/1993)

Bronze Star
Maj. Paul Bigler (Deceased DOD 10/25/2008)
Capt. Herman Baily
1st. Lt. Ivan Smith (Deceased DOD 05/05/2009)
Lt. Richard A. Kuehl (Deceased DOD 02/05/1996)
Lt. Clifford F. Pierce (Deceased DOD 04/01/2008)
WO JG. Noah L. Huggins (Deceased 09/09/1993)
Lt. Oscar J. Brock
1st. Sgt. Miller Whetzel (Deceased DOD 05/09/2005)
Mst. Sgt. Richard Durnan
Mst. Sgt. Boyd L. Booker (Deceased DOD 02/17/1988)
Mst. Sgt. Sylvestor Bartolee
Sgt. Jerry C. Diedrichs
                             Sgt. Joseph C. March
                             Cpl. William Litteral

   Air Medal
.                   Lt. Anthony Dellisola With 2 Oak Clusters
                                  (Deceased DOD April 3, 2006)

Commendation Ribbon With Medal Pendant
.Lt. Berry G. Pierce
SFC Thomas Taylor
SFC Kenneth R. Brown
                              Sgt. Lloyd R. Allen
Sgt. Stanley Cox
Sgt. Paul Coelus
Sgt. H.L. Hinton
Sgt. James R. Settlemire
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