Mystery M-41 155 MM Motor Carriage

During 2002 I received a copy of the picture below which was obtained by a Korean War veteran who had visited The Military Museum in Bejing China and was given a copy of the photograph which shows two M-41 155 Howitzers captured by Chinese forces during the Korean War. There was no caption indicating location or date of the picture.

  I have shown this picture to a number of our members but no one has been able to positively identify the M-41's or the location as belonging to 92nd AFA Bn "C' Battery.

I wrote a letter to the Military Museum in Bejing in January 2003 asking if they could locate the picture in question, and if so, could they read the serial number on side of the M-41 on the original picture. This would help make a positive identification whether it belonged to the 92nd AFA Bn or not. I have never received a reply to my letter.

The picture shows a white square where the "Red Devil" stencil would normally appear but no image is visible on the square. The serial number is visible but cannot be read.

If anyone can identify the M-41 or its location please contact the web master:

                                   Excerpt From July 1953 Command Report
"C" Battery continued to receive fire until it reached highway 117A , vicinity coordinates CT 765449, when contact was broken off. During this action, battery lost two motor carriages M-41; two half tracks, Personnel Carrier M3A1, 1 2-1/2 ton truck, and 1 1-1/4 ton truck due to enemy action. In addition two Howitzer Motor Carriages M-41, and one half track were abandoned  in the battery area because they were immobilized.

                                          See full copy of July 1953 Command Report

Notice Chinese --------->
soldier with legs
in hatch