I have been in contact via this web page with an experienced model maker named Frans Brakus from the Netherlands. Frans was interested in our pictures and specifications on our web site of the M-41 155MM Howitzer. Model makers go to great lengths to capture the exact detail of the original weapons they are modeling. We have answered some of his questions about the details concerning the M-41. It just happens that I had purchased a model kit of the M-41 several years ago. I quickly realized that the model and it's multitude of tiny parts were far beyond my skill and patience level so the kit has remained on the shelf ever since. When I mentioned this to Frans he graciously offered to build my model along with his model which was under construction..

The pictures below show his M-41 model in the pre-paint stage. To put the size in perspective the model length is about seven inches long which gives you some idea of the detail of the model.
Click on thumbnails to enlarge pictures
( I will try to get a higher resolution photo of the finished model)