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Lt. Col. Leon F. LaVoie
Battalion Commander

He received the  assignment recently upon reporting to Ft. Hood from Ft. Knox Kentucky.

He is a native of Massachusetts, he was born at Fitchburg  on Nov. 23, 1913, where he attended grade school and graduated from High School. His mother Mrs. George Lavoie, still resides in Fitchburg on Forest Street.

A veteran of seventeen years in the Regular Army Reserve, Col.Lavoie first enlisted in the Naval Communications  Reserve in 1932. He became a member of the Massachusetts National Guard, remaining with the reserve command until 1934, at which time he enlisted in the Regular Army.

Over the next six years he served as an enlisted man in the Army, and saw extended active duty in the Hawaiian Islands. Upon his discharge in 1939 he went back to a civilian status.

In the following year 1940, he became a Radio Engineer with the U.S. Border Patrol, a position  he held until April 4, 1941. At this time during the emergency period which preceeded World War II Col. Lavoie entered on extended active duty as an Army Officer. He was assigned to the 25th Field Artillery Battalion and did duty Puerto Rico with that organization.

In 1942 he became the head of the U.S. Military Mission to Haiti, a job he held throughout that year and part of the next. In the middle of 1943 he returned to the United States with the 25th Field Artillery Battalion, and shortly thereafter was transferred to the European Theater of Operations with the 25th.

He remained in the European Theater until the successful conclusion of that phase of World War II. In 1945 and early 1946 he was transferred to Ft. Bragg N.C.

While at Ft. Bragg he was integrated into the regular Army as an offcer.
Major Donald E. Wilbourn Battalion S-3
Lt. Col. Leon F. Lavoie, Battalion Commander